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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Week in Review - 3/19/10

I finished my shogi game this week and won even though I did a careless move near the end. We played about 15-20 minutes during lunch each of the days. The last day we spent a little more to allow for talking about the game and how things could of been played better. I think the biggest problem for my opponent was deployment. He moved the rook and bishop around a bit without gaining anything while I was able to move many of my pieces to control more of the board and limit his movement. He wants to have a rematch some day since I now have a winning record against him of 2 games to 1. I look forward to it.
I finally got my alien registration card for Japan just in time for my return trip to New York. Maybe I won't need to get fingerprinted the next time out here. I bought a nice Xiangqi board that hopefully will fit in my luggage. I figured I already have a nice shogi board and chess board so might as well finish out the set.

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